What is all this That Guy stuff?

Picture of That Guy and Mrs That Guy

Well, That Guy is a brand. It is a brand for Jaysen O’Dell. I’m Jaysen. The guy with the beard in that picture to the left.

I tend to get involved with things like IT, music, sailing, fishing, and a pile of other stuff. Sometimes those hobbies become a bit more than just a hobby. After 30 years of working IT, I still think of it as a hobby that has gotten out of control.

One day I made a comment to my wife (yes, someone was crazy enough to marry me) about a random thing I was doing. That comment went something like … “someone needs to make a business out of this”. She looked at me and said, “Yeah, I think you are That Guy.” I knew she was right but I wasn’t quite ready.

Decades later I have finally figured out how to become “That Guy”. In today’s world branding is simply how we chose to present ourselves. We all do it, just not as obviously as I am doing it here.

That Guy represents me at a point in time. That’s actually me in that logo. There is still the IT, but sail/motor boats, fishing reels/tackle, and cooking are significant focal points as well. These things may change over time. Don’t be surprised if you see something different in the future.