Full Teardown

Image of full teardown service

That Guy takes your reel apart until it looks like there was an explosion at the reel factory. Each part is inspected, cleaned, and lubricated. Any damaged parts are cataloged and repaired if possible. If replacement is required (increasing cost) you will be contacted for approval of the repair. The reel is reassembled with additional lubrication added in high-wear areas.

  • $50 for Three Inch is Average (0 – 20 excluding multispeed)
  • $60 for Bigger Than Average (25 – 40 and smaller multispeed)
  • $75 for Big Boy Toys (45+)

On reels that have not been previously serviced by That Guy, there may be additional labor charges for “extra time” if your reels require more than normal persuasion. Stuck bolts, bearings, or damaged parts often require extra bench time. In addition, parts that need to be ordered may increase time to completion. That Guy will not add charges without talking to you first.

When That Guy is done, you may actually like your reel better than you did when it was new!

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