Standard Maintenance

Image of Standard service

That Guy will disassemble, clean, and lubricate high-wear areas of your reel. Visible debris and excess lubrication will be removed. Any damaged or highly worn parts will be repaired or replaced with your approval. Once cleaned, lubrication will be refreshed and the reel reassembled.

Maintenance is priced based on reel size:

  • $35 for Three Inch is Average (0 – 20 excluding multispeed)
  • $40 for Bigger Than Average (25 – 40 and smaller multispeed)
  • $50 for Big Boy Toys (45+)

On reels that have not been previously serviced by That Guy, there may be additional labor charges for “extra time” if your reels require more than normal persuasion. Stuck bolts, bearings, or damaged parts often require extra bench time. In addition, parts that need to be ordered may increase time to completion. That Guy will not add charges without talking to you first.

Once That Guy is done your reel may not look as good as it did day one, but it will feel just as smooth.

Let’s chat if you are ready to get started.