Image of Avet EX80/2 getting "quickie" maintenance

Quickie service is intended to be a mid-season touch-up for heavily used hardware. You dropped the dough so keep that gear well-tuned and ready to bring in the big boys. That Guy will give your reel a partial disassembly, a quick clean, and quick inspection of high-wear areas. Visible debris and excess lubrication will be removed. Drag/Brake plates and disks will be examined and cleaned. Once cleaned, lubrication will be refreshed and the reel reassembled.

Quickies are priced based on reel size:

  • $25 for Three Inch is Average (0 – 20 excluding multispeed)
  • $35 for Bigger Than Average (25 – 40 and smaller multispeed)
  • $40 for Big Boy Toys (45+)

That Guy may not accept your request for quickie service. If you are a new customer or the reel has not been through Lands End Reel Service in the past, That Guy may require standard or full service first. Quickie service is designed to keep already serviced reels in top shape.

Once That Guy is done your reel won’t hate you as much as it did before you sent it to us. It will certainly love you enough to hold up to that giant fish that’s been following you.

Let’s chat if you are ready to get started.