Lands End Reel Service and Maintenance

As the kids say, here are the deets:

Services That Guy provides for conventional reels:

  • Quickie: $25 – $40 to do a quickie clean and lube
  • Standard: $35- $50 to fully inspect, clean and lube
  • Full teardown: $50 – $75 to fully explode the reel and put it all back together

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Here’s the deal. That Guy services conventional reels. Typically saltwater reels, but hey, you fish where you fish. There are three levels of maintenance, and three sizes of reels. Pricing is based on the time it takes to perform a level of maintenance on a reel of a certain size. It’s that simple. You can do the math and figure out the hourly rate is $25/hr, but it’s more complicated.

Most shops have a single level of service based on reel size. Then they add charges you may not have been expecting for things like inspection, shop supplies, or processing. After that, you have to pay for parts. Let’s not talk about shipping if you don’t have “a friend” with a shipping account.

That Guy hates when folks surprise him with fees. He doesn’t like paying a higher rate than a guy with a contact. Here is That Guy’s plan to make things as easy and surprise-free as possible.

  1. There are no hidden fees. If That Guy says the price is $70 then the price is $70. There are no inspection fees, no shop supply fees, nothing.
  2. That Guy will provide a shipping label for you to send your reels to him. This means you get to use his account. Yes, you will pay for shipping both ways, but you will know exactly how much services will cost before you send a reel.
  3. That Guy won’t replace parts without telling you. If it is a $2 bearing or a $200 gearset, you approve ANY changes to the cost. You can set thresholds if you want, but That Guy assumes you don’t like surprises when the bill is due.
  4. That Guy knows how long it takes to do a job on a reel he just serviced. A perfectly clean reel. Using that time as a starting point, That Guy plans another 30-60 minutes (depending on reel size) to properly clean your reel. Some reels need more love than other reels. If That Guy gets into your reel and you need some extra time, That Guy will call you names under his breath. If things are really bad, go read point 3. You probably need parts and That Guy will include any extra labor in the parts quote.

This is great, right? Well, it does complicate things a little. Because every customer has different manufacturers, quantity, and sizes of reels, That Guy can’t just let you add service to a shopping cart and pay. You will need to create an account and then request a quote. Once you get the quote and agree to the price, That Guy will arrange for payment and email the shipping label. Once your reels are complete That Guy will send your reels back to you.