Gel coat and minor hull repairs

We’ve all been there. The current at the ramp was ripping. Or the trailer wasn’t quite straight. Maybe the other half thought you said “I’m going to the store for fish” and expected you home twelve hours ago. That guy you told to “look for stuff in the water” should not have had eight of those beers before breakfast.

No matter how it happened, your watercraft has a crack, a hole, or a gouge. There’s no judgment here. That Guy has been the guilty party on more boats than he cares to admit. Lucky for you, That Guy also learned how to fix these problems.

That Guy is offering mobile gel coat and minor hull repair services. No job too small! Many jobs to big! Seriously. That Guy is not a boatyard.

That Guy will come to your location and address minor defects in your watercraft. While That Guy can, and has, done very complicated hull repairs, he may refuse certain repairs. Particularly if he feels the work requires specialty services (removal from trailer, bulkhead realignment, neighbor enraging quantities of dust). That Guy is likely to refer you to other service providers should he feel they can better serve your project.

Let’s be honest, there isn’t a rate sheet. Why? Because each job is different. A 6″ gouge on the center console of an oyster white Scout is not the same as a 6″ gouge across the bow of a Matterhorn white HHH cat, neither of which is nearly difficult as a 6″ gouge on the side of a who-the-fork-came-up-with-this-god-foresaken-blue Trophy (I know this from experience). That Guy will be upfront with the pricing and, just like with his reel pricing, it will not change without your prior approval.

If you’d like to reach out and get talking, let’s chat.